Enterprise AL Spring & Fall Yard Clean-up

Clean Air Lawn Care Moose services Fort Rucker, Daleville, and New Brockton near Enterprise, AlabamaLawn Clean-Up Enterprise

Yard clean-up in Enterprise, AL this Spring and Fall comes with beauty and hassle. We’ve got you covered with our electric leaf blowers powered by sustainable solar energy! Our caring approach utilizes gas-free tools that are half as loud as traditional yard clean up blowers that have been disturbing Daleville, Fort Rucker, and New Brockton communities. Jonathon’s local lawn care team will clear your leaves without waking up the whole family– imagine that? Our leaf blowing equipment runs on renewable solar powered electric batteries, charged on top of our truck’s solar-panels. After each mowing you can expect a complete yard clean-up, leaving you with a healthy, natural, and tidy yard you can feel good about.

Yard Clean-up the Clean, Renewable Way

Enterprise AL Yard Clean Up in Fort Rucker, Daleville, and New Brockton Alabama

Green grass icon to represent professional lawn careYard Clean-up After Each Mow

After we’re done mowing, trimming and edging your grass with our clean and quiet solar-powered electric equipment, we pull out the electric blowers (also solar-powered), rakes and brooms (both human-powered).

Just like a car wash is not complete until you apply the wax and buff, your lawn care is not done until the yard is cleaned-up. We’ll clean-up any debris that can not be reused as an organic nutrient, to naturally nourish your Enterprise, Alabama lawn. The cleanliness of your grass, beds and walkways will put your yard in the pole position for “lawn of year”. We know you’ll want to keep the secret to yourself, but hopefully you’ll tell your fiends! Bringing sustainable lawn care to Enterprise and surrounding Fort Rucker, Daleville, and beautiful New Brockton neighborhoods is our passion.

Sun icon to represent solar-powered mowing.Spring Clean-up

Finally! Winter is over and Spring has arrived. Now is the time when our Grassmasters “spring” into action to get your lawn ready for a beautiful, healthy and enjoyable summer. As the weather warms, we’ll jump ahead of it and perform the following spring clean-up tasks.

  • Prune away dead and damaged branches.
  • Cut back and divide perennials as needed.
  • Clean-up around plants, beds and boarders.
  • Haul yard waste off to be composted (you may even see the results on your lawn later in the year).
  • Prep damaged lawn areas for spring seeding.
  • Tidy up any hardscape surfaces, including driveways.
  • Pull out any early weeds.
  • Lay down some healthy and safe organic fertilizer.

And if your lawn needs more, we’re not ashamed. We’ll just role up our sleeves to get the job done.

Organic Leaf that represents organic lawn care.Fall Clean-up

Alright, summer was fun and fall is great because football is on and the kids are back in school. But, your lawn needs some help because it’s covered in leaves, and winter is fast approaching. As things cool off, and “fall-down”, we’ll stay on top of it all by maintaining your beautiful lawn and getting it ready for winter by performing the following fall clean-up tasks.

  • Rake up and dispose of leaves (back to the compost bins).
  • Clean out old annuals and weeds before seeds drop.
  • Cut back spent perennials that create hiding places for slugs, snails, and other pests.
  • Remove dead branches and other debris.
  • Mulch with chopped-up leaves and grass clippings.
  • Pull out any pesky weeds.
  • Lay down some healthy and safe organic fertilizer.

And like our Spring Clean-up services, if your lawn needs more, we’ll just make it rain cleanliness.