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Jonathon Broadhead a.k.a. “The GrassMaster”

Jonathon relates to his community through his support for our military as he grew up in a family of past service members. Jonathon served in the U.S. Army for a short period of time and after getting out of the military, he found his true passion in sustainability. Jonathon worked for a contractor, building the nacelles for GE Wind Energy for three years which further cemented his desire to work in clean energy.

Jonathon Broadhead local Enterprise Alabama owner

Jonathon is now a Physics major at Troy University and plans on pursuing is Ph.D. With his love for renewable energy sources, he plans on using his degree in further developing that filed and build his business in sustainability. Jonathon opened Clean Air Lawn Care with his goals and passions in mind. He is able to enjoy the outdoors and make a difference in his community by contributing to the overall air quality and environmental health.

When Jonathon is not in classes or out working on a lawn, you can find him hiking, camping, and kayaking with his friends and family.