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Serving Enterprise, Dothan, Fort Rucker, Daleville, & surrounding Alabama
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Organic Lawn Care and Clean Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing

Clean Air Lawn Care MooseClean Air Lawn Care is a full-service sustainable and organic lawn care service for residential and small commercial properties in Fort Rucker, Daleville, and Dothan near Enterprise, AL. Local owner, Jonathon is passionately committed to improving sustainable practices through improved energy efficiency, electric lawn mowing in Alabama and introducing all-natural, chemical-free lawn treatment.

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Jonathan does a great job at a great price. His attention to detail and pride in making sure he completes a job well done gets my 5 stars!   Shannon B.☑ Review Us on Yelp!

How We are Making a Difference

Help us take a stand against loud, smelly, wasteful lawn care that has polluted Enterprise, Fort Rucker, Daleville, and Dothan, Alabama with harmful Greenhouse gas emissions. We use equipment run on clean, quiet solar-electric powered mowing to remove the biggest neighborhood disturbances and O-zone threat posed by traditional chem-lawn care.

Clean Air Lawn Care trucks are mounted with solar panels that allow us to recharge as we work, and proudly offer emission-free lawn care in Enterprise, AL. Chemical lawn care treatments carelessly sprayed in excess can contaminate waterways and harm your pets or family. Our blend of living microbe-rich compost topdressing uses safe weed control and healthy lawn fertilization treatment programs to grow your Dale County lawn the way Mother Nature intended. Get the healthiest lawn in Enterprise, AL by filling out our estimate form today!

Healthy Lawn Care Services

Clean Air Lawn Care Lawn Care Services
Lawn CareClean Air Lawn Care Enterprise offers full-service professional lawn care. Our lawn care services include pre-packaged natural lawn care programs or customized services to fit your unique needs. View our healthy lawn care services.

Natural Organic Lawn Care

Come Clean Organic Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareOrganic Lawn CareOur organic fertilizer and weed control, in combination with correct mowing and watering practices, create and maintain a beautiful lawn while respecting your family’s health and the environment. View our organic lawn care and treatment programs.

Clean Solar-Powered Mowing

Emissions-Free Lawn Care - Clean Air Lawn CareSustainable Lawn Care and Clean Mowing in Enterprise ALGas-powered lawn care contributes 5-10% of the nation’s air pollution annually. Each year we prevent over 23,000 lbs of lawn care pollution because our equipment runs on clean solar-power. View our clean mowing services.